How did you hear about CrossFit and what was you first experience/WOD?
Friends from Chicago and college told me about it.  They were all getting in really good shape, so decided to try it.  Free intro class was my first experience.  I was really nervous, and relieved that i could scale the movements.  I really liked it because I like getting my butt kicked in the gym.

When did you first come to CrossFit NOLA 504?
September 2012

What CrossFit accomplishment are you most proud of?
My strict pull up.  It's only 1 but I'm extremely proud of it

If there was any CrossFit movement you could choose to never do again, what would it be?

After a hard workout what is your favorite meal?
A paleo kit because it has protein and I don't have to cook it and I can eat it in my car (or in the gym as I walk out).

On a Saturday night, where could we typically find you?
Drinking wine..somewhere doesn't matter where or with who

What is one goal you are currently working on that you will accomplish before the end of 2013?
Multiple strict pull-ups!


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