There are several ways to train during the Open depending on what your goals are and how you plan on attacking the workouts.  I am happy to share my training schedule during the open.  I will probably do the workouts twice as long as I feel like I can improve my score.  The following training plan accounts for that.

Monday- Hard Work, Met-Con, large unbroken sets, heavy lifting oly, back squat ect.
Tuesday- Gymnastics skill and weightlifting technique, not going super heavy
Wednesday-Active recovery
Thursday-Open Wod + free choice things, max height box jump, weighted muscle ups, odd implement ect.
Friday-Heavy lifting heavy front squats metcon
Saturday Off
Sunday-Open Wod # 2 or another tough metcon

This is how this week has gone
EMOM for 10:00 muscle ups 5-5-5-5-5-4-4-3-1-3
CTB pullup practice 15-15-15
5x 20 wall balls #30 w/ 1:00 rest

EMOM 14:00
10 Toes to bar evens
10 Strict HSPU odds

1/2 flight simulator 5-50 double unders by 5s

Snatch and power clean work
Power cleans EMOM 5:00 2 power cleans @80 ish %