- Liz is out of town Tues-Sat. If you text me questions then, I may respond slowly because I will probably be sitting on the beach, getting jacked and tan.
- Homework that is due 7.7 (please respond by email):
1) Why do you want to compete in Crossfit?
2) How do you talk to yourself when: a) attempting a 1RM lift, b) getting through a heavy 5 min WOD, c) getting through a 20 min + AMRAP?
3) What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your peers in the Comp group? Strength and weaknesses relative to the Open WODs of last year? Strength and weaknesses relative to the Regional team WODs of this year?
4) What does the phrase "eating to perform" mean
- If you are going out of town, just do as much work as you can before leaving town. The workload is a little light this week.

Oly class (you can do the AD work a day early if you have time, guys will be trying to get in AD intervals Tues as well)

AD :30 @85%
AD :30 @50%

A) Skill session with Ryne (TTB efficiency, and Shoulder to OH efficiency)
B1) Push Press 10, 8, 6, 4, 2; Rest :90 (aim to increase weight each set)
B2) Weighted Pull-up 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; Rest :90 (aim to increase weight each set)
C) 10 min AMRAP:
3 C2B pull-up

Off. I will disown anyone who does the Hero WOD programmed.

A1) Bench Press 10x10; Rest 1 min
A2) Bent Over BB Row 10x10; Rest 1 min
B1) Incline DB BP 10-12x3; Rest 2 min
B2) Seated Hammer Curls (please see Rachel if you need a demo) 20-24x3; Rest 2 min

Saturday (during Comp class)
A) 3 rounds for time
10 Back Squat 80% 1 RM
Row 350m
B) 10-20 min light Oly practice (do not go above 65lbs) (this can be done Sunday if needed)
C) Row 20 min easy pace ("Z1") (this can be done Sunday if needed)
D) 30 min mobility for the inflexible people (this can be done Sunday if needed)
I think this programming lines up with some of what the guys have been following already.  I made some minor tweaks.  Post any questions you have and your results.  You can also text me or Liz if you have a question about scaling or modifying a workout because of an injury or limited equiptment.  Schedule is flexible, do your best to follow it.  Come to competitors class to do the wods on the days we have the class if you can.  And if enough of yall are training at the same time we can possibly get a coach in the gym.  Also, try to take advantage of open gym hours and the size of the mid city location. 

Oly class + 8 min amrap of #275 deadlift and bar facing burpee 3,6,9,12,...
if you can't make oly class then do: Power clean; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 3 min (TnG) + the 8 min amrap

A1. HSPU; amrap unbroken x6; rest 1 min
A2. Amrap (-1) CTB chin ups unbroken x6; rest 2 min
airdyne 30 sec @85%
airdyne 30 sec @50%

sub row or run for the airdyne if you can't get to one

A. Snatch balance 5x5; rest 2 min
For time: 50-40-30-20-10
Unbroken wall balls
unbroken double unders (max 3 attempts here)

oly class + 
10 TnG power snatch 105#/75#
Airdyne 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min
(sub jump squats with an empty barbell for airdyne sprints)
if you can't make oly class then do
A. Hang squat clean; build to a 3rm
B. Front squat; 4-6x5; rest 2 min
10 TnG power snatch 105#/75#
Airdyne 20 seconds @100% rest 3 min x6


A. 30 muscle ups for time
B. 30 strict hspu for time
7-->1 CTB chin ups Ring dips

A) Oly
B) AD 3min max cals
Rest 15 min

A) TnG Power Clean 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 (aim to increase weight each set), Rest :90
B) 50 Thrusters at 65lbs (every time you drop the bar immediately do 5 burpees)

A) Skill session with Ryne (mobility, HSPU kipping practice, rope climbs -- bring socks/pants)
B) Weighted Pull-up cluster Rest :15/Rest 3 min
C) Bent over Thumbs Down Reverse Flies 12-15x4, Rest 2 min

Off -- get in at least 30min mobility

A) Oly
B) Strict Press 10-12x5, rest 1 min
C) Push Press 5x3, Rest 2min
(can also do B and C before Oly)

Saturday (during Comp Class)
A) 20min AMRAP
200m Farmers Walk 24kg KB per hand
:20 Side Plank each side
2 Rope Climbs

Off -- get in at least 30min mobility
- another skill session this Wed 7pm MidCity, working on TnG Barbell stuff
- We will start "personalizing" some skill/strength work soon, be thinking about what your particular strengths and weaknesses as we prepare stuff for you.

Oly +
A) AD :30 @ 100%
Rest 2:30
12x (rest 5min between sets 3&4 and 8&9)


7pm skill session with Ryne (leave A for after skill session, B-D can be done before, if needed)
A) Push Jerk; 5 reps TnG ONTM for 10min
B) Weighted Pull-up Clusters (Rest :15, Rest 3min)
C) Bent Over BB Row 3-4x3, rest 2min
D) Weighted Ring Dip 1-2x5, rest 2min

Thursday (during Comp Class)
A) Max Split Jerk (off of a rack or blocks)
B) Push Press 5x5; rest :90
C) TnG Power Snatch 10, 8, 6, 4, 2; Rest :90 (should be increasing weight each set)

A) AMRAP sets of 5 UB Ring Dips in 4min, rest 4min x2 [scale number of dips as needed]
B) 30 Squat Cleans for time, 70% 1RM

A) HS hold, max for time x5; rest 1min
B) 5 rounds for time:
5 Wall Walks
30m Front Rack Walking Lunge 65lbs

We want to give you guys as much coaching as possible, so please sign up and attend Competitor Class times Thurs and Sat as much as possible. Also, this week, we are adding a Wednesday Gymnastics Movement Efficiency class with Ryne at 7pm at MidCity. Look for it on Mindbody, and sign up. This week, he will be going over how to link together C2B pull-ups and how to kip ring dips, both important skills for Saturday's WOD.


Oly +
A) TnG Deadlift 10, 8, 6, 4, 2; Rest 3 min
B) Split Jerk, 2 reps ONTM for 10 min at 60%1RM (from boxes or rack)
C) AD :30 @ 100%, Rest 2:30
x8, rest 5 min between sets 4 and 5


A) C2B pull-up and ring dip practice
B) L-sit on rings, accumulate 3 min for time
C) AMRAP 1-5 UB Hang Squat Clean Ladders in 6min (Ryne will explain more in class)
D) 400m Farmers Walk for time; 24kg in each hand

A) Push Press x5/Push Jerk x5/Split Jerk x1; Rest 3 min, 6 complexes
B) Weighted Pull-ups, 1-2x6; Rest 3 min
C) Bent Over Barbell Row, 4-6x5; Rest 2 min
D) Weighted Ring Dips, 2-3x5; Rest 2min

Oly or off

A) 50 Back Squat for time, 70% 1RM
B) 20min AMRAP:
5 C2B Pull-ups
5 Ring Dips
5 GHD Sit-ups
Run 200n

- post scores from last week to comments ASAP
- Congrats to Karla on first full muscle-up!
- Thursday's workout is the same as the regular classes', so do your WOD with the class (sub your skill work for their skill work)

Oly (no supplemental) or off

A1) Press 6-8x5, Rest 2min
A2) Weighted Pull-up (no tempo) 3-4x5, Rest 2min
B) Bench Press, build to max
C) Tabata Push-ups (:20 on, :10 rest 8x, record total score and score per interval)
D) L-sit on pull-up bar, accumulate 3min for time


A) Weighted Ring Dips 2-3x5, Rest 3min
B) Row 500m, 50 Burpees, Row 500m

Oly (no supplemental) +
Prowler Push 50m @ 100%
Rest 2:30, 4x
Then, rest 5 min and do 4 more intervals

A) Front Squat 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Rest 3 min (all sets should be "tough", this is not just working up to a heavy single)
B) Jumping Back Squats 8-10x4, Rest 2min
C) AMRAP 6 min:
6 Power Clean 80% 1RM
60 Double Unders