A couple of notes:
- I will be gone all week, hanging out in Texas! So text/email/post with premptive questions.
- Feel free to work ahead and do Tues' stuff on Mon if you get into the gym (Midcity only) during reg class time Mon.
- oly either Wed or Fri, whichever you prefer.
-post scores from this week
- miss y'all!

Mon: off unless you want to work ahead

Tues: A1) Front Squat 5x5, rest :10
A2) back squat 5x10, rest :10
A3) BB Walking Lunge 5x24, rest 3min
B) side plank, amsap, 3x per side, rest 1min
C) 30 PERFECT heavy TGU not for time

Wed: off or Oly (no supplemental)

A) jerk balance 5x5, rest :90
B) push jerk 4-6x5, rest :90
C) 15min AMRAP:
3 UB c2b pull-ups, 3 UB ring dips (first scale is to 2/1 ring dips, then to ring dip negatives)
D) 10min amap:
3squat cleans 130lbs (scale if over 90% of 1rm)
3 box jumps 24" (step ups)

Fri: off or oly (no supplemental)

A1) press 8-10x5, rest :30
A2) weighted pull-up cluster @50x1, rest :15, rest 3min
B1) bench press 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, rest :10
B2) db incline bench press 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, rest :10
B3) static hs hold amsap, rest 3min
C) bent over supinated bb row @41x2, 4-6x5, rest 2min

A) hspu negatives, 40 reps
B) 7 Burpees Afap
:20 prowler push @100%
Rest 3min
C) 7 UB c2b pull-ups
AD :20 @100%
Rest 3min
D) row sprint :30 @100%
Rest 3min
Run Club mile training template
Day 1  8x200m run  rest 2:00 then decrease rest by :30 between each round.  Following the round of :30 rest start increasing rest back up to 2:00 by :30.  200-2:00-200-1:30-200-1:00-200-:30-200-1:00-200-1:30-200-2:00-200 
Total time should be 15% faster than best mile

Day 2 4x400    400-1:30-400-:45-400-1:30-400 
Total time should be 10-12% faster than best mile

Day 3 2x800  800-2:00-800 
Total time should be 5-8% faster than best mile 

Thursday WOD
100 Wallballs
30 CTB Pullups
30 Pistols 15/leg
60 DB snatch #70 30/hand

100 Double Unders
30 Toes to bar
20 STOH #155
30 steps walking front rack lunge #155 

Ideal Schedule below, it's a little bit weird because there is no comp class Thurs or Sat. There will be some open gym time Sat/Sun, time TBD. Ryne will be around and free around 7pm Wed if people have questions or need help setting up with Wed's stuff.

Also, we need y'all to do a slightly better job of putting equipment away and staying out of way of regular classes. Make sure you put all belts, mats, Prowlers, etc back when you're done with them. The ability to do these special workouts during regular class times depends on how good a job y'all do with this.

Make sure to submit scores from last night by tonight, and either text/email/post to comments as this week goes. Brandon, Ryne and I will be out of town starting Thurs AM.

Oly Class (830am Uptown, 6pm MC, 7pm MC)
A) Jerk Balance 5x5, Rest :90 [use a rack or blocks, jerk balance video]
B) Push Jerk 6-8x5, Rest :90 [use a rack or blocks, not TnG]
C) :45 max sets of 2 UB C2B pull-ups
 :45 max ring dips
Rest :30
6 rounds

A1) Front Squat 4x5, Rest :10
A2) Back Squat 4x10, Rest :10
A3) BB Walking Lunges 4x24, Rest 3 min
B) DB Side Bends 15-20x3/Side, Rest :30 between sides/rounds
C) 5 rounds:
100m Farmers Walk (32kg KB in each hand)
30 Wallballs (14lbs to 9')

A) 35 HSPU negatives
B) 7 Burpees AFAP
Prowler :20 @ 100%
Rest 3 min
C) 7 UB C2B Pull-ups (or AMRAP)
AD :20 @ 100%
Rest 3 min
D) Row sprint :30 @ 100%
Rest 3 min


Friday or Saturday: 
A1) Press 10-12x5, Rest :30
A2) Weighted Pull-up Clusters @ 50x1, Rest :15, Rest 3 min
B1) Bench Press 3, 3, 3, 3, Rest :10
B2) Incline DB BP 8, 8, 8, 8, Rest :10
B2) Static HS Hold AMSAPx4, Rest 3 min
C) Bent Over Supinated BB Rows @ 41x2, Rest 3 min
D) 5-4-3-2-1 Back Squat 85% 1RM (off of a rack)
50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders [alternating between Back Squat and Double Unders]
Good job everyone on the testers!

This week's ideal schedule is below. If you have questions about modifying it, post to comments or email me. If you want to suggest times for people to get together, please post suggested times to comments. Keep in mind for Mon there are 3 Oly class times (830am UP, 6pm MC, 7pm MC), and that there are only 2 AD (airdyne aka Devil Bikes) at MidCity and it will take each person 20 solid minutes to complete Monday's AD workout. Can also split Mon into AM and PM to avoid tying up the bike. There is an AD Uptown, but the monitor doesn't work. Score on AD is total calories. If you're missing Thurs or Sat class, please email or text me so I can send the full workout.

More information on the basis for our programming here (look under "she") and FAQ here (look under "how to read the blog").

Monday: Oly class, no supplemental squats
AD intervals
:30 @ 85%
:30 @ 50%

Tues: During/after Powerlifitng:
FS 3x5
BS 3x10
BB walking lunge 3x24
ONTM 20min
Even: :30 max DU
Odd :30 max goblet squats

Wed: Off -- Strong preference for being off the day before Thursday's workout

Thurs (during comp class)
A) Strict HSPU negatives, 30 reps
B) Push Jerk/Prowler Int
C) C2B/AD Int
D) Row intervals

Fri: 30 min easy pace (conversational/Z1) run

Sat: (during comp class)
Upperbody strength stuff
A1. Press
A2: Weighted Pull-up
B1: Bench Press
B2: Incline DB BP
B3: Static HS Hold
C: Bent over row
Don't do anything else this week :)

I tried to use as many abbreviations as possible. Post scores to comments. Enjoy!

1) Power Clean max
2) Using 90% of 1, AMRAP in 8 minutes
3) Karen
4) AMRAP Ring dips in 5 min, start with one amrap set, record that score as well


1) AD 3 min @ 100%
Rest 10 min

Thurs: (During Comp class)
1) Back Squat max
2) Using 85% of 1, one AMRAP set at 30x0 tempo
3) Find close grip bench press max
4) Using 1/3  BW in each hand, 1 AMRAP set per leg of split squat with rear foot elevated
5) Using 10% of 3 in one hand, AMRAP set per arm of: the three shoulder tests

10 rounds:
10 toes to bar
10 HR push-ups

Sat (during comp class):
Snatch ladder
10min AMRAP
25 snatches 45
25 snatches 70
25 snatches 95
25 snatches 110
(all power or squat)