Nice job everybody on the WOD today.  As we approach the 2013 CrossFit Open, we will work to build aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, power endurance, and basically pain tolerance.  You can continue your strength and Oly technique work at the Powerlifting and Weightlifting classes.  Take a look at the past year's Open and identify the movements that you see that give you trouble.  Also check, if a movement appears frequently on the main page there is a chance you'll see it in the open i.e. double unders, ctb pullups, wall balls, muscle ups.

Today's Wod

10:00 EMOtM
3 ring muscle ups evens
3 bar muscle ups odds

7:00 AMRAP
15 30#wall balls
15 GHD situps

Rest 10:00

50 Ring Dips for time (kipping allowe
EMOTM 10:00 4-7 CTB Pull up ( Use a band if you need one to get 4 per minute

9 Dead Lifts
12 Hand Release Pushups
15 Box jumps

That is the standards video from 2011 take a look at it before class.

EMOtM 20:00
Even 5 Strict HSPU
Odd 5 Strict Pullups

Clean complexes
Heavy Clean and push press
Work to a heavy set of three front squat then -15%
EMOtM 20:"00
Even 25' Hand Stand Walk
Odd 5 Toes to bar

4 Min max burpee box jumps 20"
Rest 2:00
20 Steps #95 OH walking lunge
10 Hips to rings
Rest 2:00
2 Min max burpees 6" open target

Rest 3 Hours
4 x 500m Row intervals
Rest 2:00 between intervals hold 2-3 seconds faster than best 5k
ex. if you have a 7:00 5k row, your intervals should be 1:42-1:43

10:00 to find a max thruster off the ground

100 of each movement

KB Swings
Double Unders
OHS 95/65

25:00 time cap




EMOtM 20:00
Odd 3 muscle ups
Even 6 pistols 3/leg

Snatch position work
Snatch Pulls
HBBS build to a 3 rep max then drop 15% 3-3-3 fast
We will start back this Saturday with the competitor's class.  Here's the WOD.

      Women-Kipping is allowed

Max Unbroken Double Unders
        2 attempts, you can mulligan once if less than 10

Max Weight Strict Pullup No Kipping

60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats 120/90
10 Muscle Ups
Due to WOD War I we will cancel the competitors class Saturday.  If yall haven't signed up, you have until tomorrow!

Also, I will go back to posting daily training on Monday Dec. 17th.  Start thinking about the CrossFit Open, it kicks off March 6.  S

What movements that have appeared in the previous Opens give you trouble?
What time domains do you struggle with?
What types of WODs (cardio, heavy, gymnastics, AMRAPs) have you been cherry picking around?