You guys and girls have been working so hard following the programming.  We hope you saw some great results at WOD WARS and we encourage y'all to continue to try to compete in local competitions.  We have a housekeeping request for y'all.  We appreciate your time and know that sometimes the only time to follow your programming is during regular class times.  Please try to be aware of your space in the regular class even when doing mobility.  Just ask the coach if you ware unsure if you will interfere with the class.  Also, make sure you get all of your equipment put up.  If the class is crowded or using the same equiptment, try to put it up as you go.  Before you run your 5k, unload your 400lb back squat barbell.    If you think someone in the class might want your weights, please confirm with them that they are definitely using it and that it will get put up.  Try to train at Mid City when possible if you have to go at prime time.  Thanks so much for your continued hard work and effort.  


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