Couple notes,
1.  Plan on probably doing the Hope WOD Friday and taking Wednesday off.
2.  If there are 12 people or more in the class in the evening at the uptown gym, go to Mid-City.
3.  Would you prefer later start to Thursday's class? 6pm
4.  Please, don't sprint on the black airdyne uptown


If you can make oly class and want some extra volume you can go, and stay light in the weights in the trianing session below.
A. Find your Max box jump- no more than three failed attempts (not that you would do any more after the first failed attempt) no step in
B. EMOM - 12 min
odd - Power Snatch TnG - 60-65% 1RM x 3
even - 1 MU + 5 ring dips  
rest as needed 
5 sets incremental effort: (try to add weight and calories to each round)
PC TnG x 3
6 burpees AFAP
AD 15 sec max sprint walk rest 4 min 


A. BS - 60% 1RM; 10 sets of 3 @ 2 sec neg, 1 sec pause at top; rest 60 sec
B. Weighted Chin ups 2 sec negative 3-4
x 4; rest 2 min 
rest as needed   for time:
Run 800 m
rest 2 min
for time:
60 DU's
25 toes to bar 60 DU's
25 strict pull ups 60 DU's
25 CTB pull ups 60 DU's
rest 2 min for time:
Run 800 m

800 splits should be similar tomorrow is a rest day!  start a clock if the 1st set of 25 pullups takes more than 4:00, change to kipping chest to bar for that set, and regular kipping not ctb for the last set.


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