Nice job everybody on the WOD today.  As we approach the 2013 CrossFit Open, we will work to build aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, power endurance, and basically pain tolerance.  You can continue your strength and Oly technique work at the Powerlifting and Weightlifting classes.  Take a look at the past year's Open and identify the movements that you see that give you trouble.  Also check, if a movement appears frequently on the main page there is a chance you'll see it in the open i.e. double unders, ctb pullups, wall balls, muscle ups.

Today's Wod

10:00 EMOtM
3 ring muscle ups evens
3 bar muscle ups odds

7:00 AMRAP
15 30#wall balls
15 GHD situps

Rest 10:00

50 Ring Dips for time (kipping allowe

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