Here is a quote from Neil Armstrong that applies to our training.

"The single thing which makes any man happiest is the realization that he has worked up to the limits of his ability, his capacity ... It's all the better, of course, if this work has made a contribution to knowledge, or toward moving the human race a little farther forward."

I put this up for two reasons.

1.  The words in bold signify how sometimes we get caught up in other's PRs or times on the board.  As long as we are improving on our PERSONAL records, we are doing something right.  The key word is personal.  Compare the new you to the old you and your motivation will not diminish as you travel on your journey of 

2.  If you figure out something for yourself i.e. a new way to kip a pullup, or a verbal cue that worked for you during the clean and jerk, share that with the community.  Better our community with your knowledge.

Happy Pistol-ing!

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