The first WOD of the 2013 CrossFit Open will be release on March 6th.  The Open will run for five weeks.  For some of us, this is the pinnacle of our CrossFit Games season, so here is our opportunity to give it our best shot.  Here are some things to consider when moving forward in the next two weeks.

1.  Heal-
     If you have any bothersome injury, now is the time to let it heal.  Pick movements or WODs that keep the motor running, but that do not aggravate the injury.  The strength gains in the next two weeks are going to be minimal so if front squatting hurts your knee, stop doing it for a little while.  You want to be as fresh as possible approaching March 6th knowing you have 5 more weeks of hard competition and training. 

2.  Clean up your diet-
    Do not, not, not start cutting calories or trying to trim down for the open.  Eat clean, but make sure your getting your fuel.  Start paying more attention to your caloric intake and hydration.  Get in the habit of drinking plenty of water.  It is not uncommon in our climate to workout in 80 degrees in March, so make sure you are not dehydrated.

3.  Sleep-
    If your sleeping patterns have been less than desirable (<7.5 hours a night), try to get some more rest.  One or two days training on poor sleep is doable but rarely sustainable. 

4.  Cut back on supplements-
    Our bodies often times develop an immunity to some of the supplements.  It would be a good idea to taper back and reintroduce familiar supplements during the open to get the full benefit of the product.  Some supplements like vitamins, and glutamine will not build and sort of immunity, you can continue to use those.  Also, double check with the CrossFit Games rule book that the supplements your using are in fact legal, and most importantly safe.

5.  Mobilize-
    This really includes any active recovery.  Stretching, foam rolling, massage, ice, contrast therapy, anything that works for you to recover.  One hour a day from here on in would be my suggestion. 

6.  Skill work-
    Keep up your technique with sub-maximal training sessions to continue to practice technique while not beating up your body.  Work on barbell lifts, gymnastics skills, and coordination exercises like double unders without ramping up the intensity.

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