1st Saturday's WOD

Gymnastics  HSPU  1-3 EMOM 10:00
Strength  Max Back Squat
WOD  12.2   10:00 AMRAP Snatches   75/45, 135/75, 165/100, 210/120    30 @ each weight before moving on.

It was great to see so many of yall competing this weekend.  I hope that you took some valuable information from the experience.  Our programming is geared towards preparing you for the CrossFit Games circuit.  This starts with the Open, Regionals, and finally the Games.  Local competitions fall short some times in the modalities, movements, and time domains the can test because of logistical reasons.  Local competitions should be treated as a test, not the end product.  Rest assured, you will be thrown a variety of movements in the open.  The past Open WODs have contained the following movements/loads.  These movements are just an idea to prepare you for whats to come, and to let you know why we program the competitors class in the fashion in which we do.  I encourage everyone to work their weaknesses, ask coaches for feedback, and take advantage of our specialty classes such as OLY, Powerlifting, and Running.

5 Min AMRAP - 20 Min AMRAP
Double Unders
Squat Clean 165/105
Jerk 165/105
Overhead Squat 120/80
Snatch M 75/135/165/210
Snatch W 45/75/100/120
Muscle Ups
Box Jumps 24"/20'
Push Press 115/75
Toes to Bar
Chest to Bar Pullups

Hand Stand Push Ups
Thruster 155+/105+
Snatch 155+/105+
Hang Clean 225/135
Deadlift 345/225
Dumbbell Snatch 100/70

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