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Class Warm Up:
Double under Flights: 3 minutes No singles allowed. You may do one single between du's if necessary.

5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc..(go as many sets as possible  in increments of 5)
Only increments of 5 count. You must get 5 to go on to the next set of 10 and so on. Your score is the set completed in three minutes.

Ring Dip Test: 3 minutes
See how many sets of 5 you can complete in 3 minutes. Use bands as necessary. If you start a set too soon and only get 4 reps, you are done. Only sets of 5 count. If you start out with no band, you can add the band within the sets to complete more sets.

WOD: 23  minutes (3 minutes of work, 2 minutes rest at 80% effort)
3 min: AMRAP
5 KB, light
5 Burpees
REST 2 mins
3 min:
Double unders (scale singles)
REST 2 mins
3 mins:
5 Box jumps 24"/20"
5 Toes to Bar
REST 2 min
3 mins
Double unders (scale singles)
REST 2 min
3 min
Run 100m
5 burpees
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