Saturday Team WOD

Warm Up
Run 400 Row 500 or Airdyne 30 cal

3 rounds
7 pull ups
7 back extension
7 overhead squats
30 second sampson stretch

Team WOD
in teams of 2 or 3

Deadlift hold/ pullups
chin over bar hold/ wallball
Partner Box Jumps
Tess Locks out a push press, she is leaving us for about a year. She is moving to Tanzania. Wwish her the best, and will wait here for her...
Saturday Team WOD

Warm Up
Run 400 m or Row 500 m
3 rounds
5 handstand pushups/regular push ups
10 second L sit
10 pistols each leg
10 back extensions

Team WOD:

in teams of 2 one works at a time
Run 200 m one at a time
100 back squats
100 sit ups
100 push press
100 front squats
Run 200 m