Warm up:
2 rounds
200m run
7 thrusters w/ pvc or bar
7 muscle snatch w/ pvc or bar


15 mins to find 1 RM Power Snatch

30 KB snatch (15 right/15 left) + OH lunge 24/16kg
40 double unders (sub 120 singles)

Int - 16/12kg
Beg - 12/8

Sunday Schedule

Open Gym
Uptown 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Midcity 10 am to 1:30 pm
Uptown 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Saturday Schedule:
No Classes today

EVENT UPDATE: The event is canceled for today. When it's rescheduled we will let you all know.

Because of this, Eric will run a 10am class at the uptown location followed by open gym until noon. Liz will run 10am class at mid city followed by open gym until 1. No need to sign up just show up!

8 am to noon - Flex, Hugs and Rock Unrolled at the Tree of Life in Audubon Park (next to the zoo, riverside of magazine)

If any of the coaches end up going in to the gym later, we will post it on the website as open gym.

Check out the new Strongman Class starting this Sunday, 10am at 540 N Cortez with Brad.

Crossfit NOLA will be closed this coming Saturday as our staff participates in "Flex, Hugs and Rock Unrolled".

This event was created to raise $15,000 for My Brothers' Keeper's Kids' Fitness Programs and College Scholarship Fund, will take place on Saturday, June 29th, from 8:00 a.m. until noon at the Tree of Life at Audubon Park. It will include a Crossfit workout (lead by some of your favorite CF NOLA coaches!) as well yoga and a hydration and hugs station. More info posted in the gym and on Facebook. Bring a yoga mat or towel, and ask the coaches for more info! We encourage all members to make this your Saturday WOD!


Warm up:
800m run or 1k row



20min AMRAP
500m row
50 double unders (150 singles)
10 wall climbs
100m farmer's walk (24kg/16kg)

Happy Birthday, Coach Jason!

Warm up:
2 rounds
10 no push-up burpees
10 jump squats
10 wall squats


Front Squat
5-5-5-5-5 @ 80% of 1RM

8x 200m sprints with 1:30 rest between

Happy Birthday, Coach Julie!!!

Warm up:
Row 500m
2 rounds
:30 hollow hold
1 length Samson stretch


Adv - OTM for 10:00, 4-6 strict HSPU
Int - OTM, 4-6 kipping; scale with 1 AB Mat
Beg - OTM evens :30 inversion hold, odds 5 strict push-ups (women) or 5 DB strict press (men)

OTM for 12:00
2 hang power snatch + 1 OHS @ 70-75% of power snatch
It's time to sign up for WOD Wars II! 

Teams will consist of 2 members (both of the same gender and from the same gym: uptown or 504). 

The intra-gym competition will be held on Saturday, July 13th beginning at 9am. There are RX and Scaled categories and if you are unsure of who to team up with, comment below or let your coaches know you need a partner. The cost is 15 dollars per person, please sign up on Mind Body!  There will be an NOLA Team and a  504 Team, please sign up under the correct team and indicate your partner for the competition in the comments.

Link to Events Page


RX Males
-20# wallball shot for reps
-Kipping pull-ups, no band
-Thrusters at 95lbs for reps
-Ground to overhead at 95lbs for reps
-Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk at 135lbs for reps
-24" Box Jump for reps
-Double Unders

RX Females
-14# wallball shot for reps
-Kipping pull-ups, no band
-Thrusters at 65lbs for reps
-Ground to overhead at 65lbs for reps
-Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk at 85lbs for reps
-20" Box Jump for reps
-Double Unders

Scaled Males
-14# wallball shot for reps
-Ground to overhead at 65lbs for reps
-Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk at 95lbs for reps
-Thrusters at 75lbs for reps
-20" Box Jump for reps

Scaled Females
-10# wallball shot for reps
-Ground to overhead at 45lbs for reps,
-Push Press/Push Jerk/Split at 65lbs for reps
-Thrusters at 45lbs for reps
-16" Box Jump for reps

If you have any questions, comment below or ask your coach.

Happy Birthday, Coach Jeff!

Warm up:
3 rounds
1 min singles
5 split squats w/ rear foot elevated per leg
10 pass thrus


Hang Squat Clean and Push Jerk
1+1 OTM for 10:00 @ 80% of limiting factor Clean or Jerk

12:00 AMRAP
10 OH walking lunges w/ plate (45/25#)
15 burpees onto plate

Warm up:
400m run
2 rounds
10 scap pull-ups
:30 plank hold


Find a 1RM weighted pull-up or max set of strict, then 
 Adv - weighted
Int - strict
Beg = partner assisted

P1 works for 1:00 while P2 counts, then switch; 2 rounds through movements per partner
wallballs 20/14#
hang power clean 75/45#
box jump 24/20"
Push Press 75/45#
Open Gym, Uptown, 3:45-5:30 pm

Mid-City, Powerlifting: 10:30am, Active Recovery: Noon, Open Gym 10:30am-2 pm