Saturday Schedule

9 am - Midcity - Free Intro
         - Midcity - Gymnastics Class
10am - Midcity - Group Class
          - Uptown - Group Class
11 am - Midcity - Competitors Class and Open Gym


10 am Class

Warm Up
Run 400 or Row 500
3 rounds
10 pass throughs
10 overhead squats
10 dips
15 second L-sit Hold

with a patner alternating rounds
60 m shuttle run
15 kb swings
15 bb walking lung steps 95/65


Warm Up
2 rounds
500m No strap row
5-8 Strict  Pullups or Ring Rows

Goat: 10 min

12 min cap

Dumbbell FRAN
DB Thrusters 45/30lb

int. 35/25lb
beg. 25/15lb or 10 lb
Can use kb for thrusters (20k for 45lbs), (16k for 35lbs), (12k for 25lbs)  


Warm up:
3 rounds
10 jump squats
10 wall squats
5 dips (box/bar/ring)


Back Squat
Find new 1RM (5 - 5 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1)

Tabata Squats
8 Rounds of
:20 on, :10 off
Score is lowest reps in a round

Warm up:
Run 400m
2 rounds
5 split squats with rear foot elevated per leg
:30 hollow hold
:30 plank/inversion hold


Pistols: EMOM for 10 minutes
Level 1: 10 perfect narrow stance (feet almost touching) squats (can scale to box or band)
Level 2: using box or band, 5 controlled single-leg squats per leg
Level 3: 3 negative pistols per leg (can try roll-up as well)
Level 4: 3 pistols per leg
Level 5: 3 weighted pistols per leg

DL interval 12:00
Evens: 15 deadlifts  (135/95lbs)
Odds: 15 pushups
Int - 115/75, 10 pushups
Beg - 95/55, 5 pushups

Regional Wrap Up

Warm up:
2 rounds
1 min jump rope
10 OHS (pvc/empty bar)
5-8 strict pull-ups/ring rows


Hang Power Snatch
Retest 1RM

P1 rests while P2 works, alternating for 3 rounds
20 goblet squats (32/24kg)
1:30 max cal row
Int - 24/16
Beg - 20/12

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! There will only be one group class at 10am today. See you then! Everything returns to normal tomorrow.

Warm up:
3 rounds
10 No push-up burpees
10 pass thrus
5 toes to bar/knees to air


Memorial Day Murph
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 air squats
1 mile run
CrossFit NOLA had another strong showing on Day 2 in San Antonio!

TEAM: Brandon, Liz, Ryne, Andrea, Aaron, and Kelsey started the day doing 30 wall balls, 30 chest-to-bar, 30 pistols, and 30 one-arm dumbbell snatches each in a relay fashion. The team finished in 22:56, or 18th place for that WOD. Then, Liz and Aaron attacked deadlifts and box jumps. Aaron completed 21-15-9 at 275/30", followed immediately by Liz doing 21-15-9 at 185/24". They finished in 10:50! The team goes into Day 3 in 16th place overall, with Kelsey and Brandon tackling double unders, HSPUs, TTB, shoulder-to-overhead, and FR lunges at 9am!

MOLLIE: The hundreds WOD was back, but this time with wall balls (14#), chest-to-bar, pistols, and one-arm dumbbell snatches (50#). Mollie pushed herself through at a great pace, getting through 15 snatches when time was called for a 26th place finish in that WOD. In the afternoon, she did 21-15-9 of deadlifts at 205# and box jumps at 24". Mollie finished in 7:59, with one second to spare before time was called!! That gave her a 30th place finish, and she goes into day 3 in 35th place overall! She does tomorrow's first WOD at 9:50am.

JEFF: Jeff's first WOD of the day was the hundreds WOD as well, doing 100 each of wall balls (20#), chest-to-bar pullups, pistols, and one-arm dumbbell snatches at 70#. In this killer WOD, Jeff got through 80 of the snatches when time was called, finishing in 12th place! Jeff's afternoon WOD was 21-15-9 of 315# deadlifts and 30" box jumps. Jeff finished in only 5:07, putting him in 14th place for this WOD! Jeff now sits in 12th place overall, and is only 2 points shy of being in the top 10! Jeff attacks the first WOD tomorrow at 12:20 (Jeff is in the last heat for the first WOD, and they have been streaming the last heat of most events at, be sure to check it out!).
WEEKEND SCHEDULE: We are on a reduced schedule because Jeff, Mollie, Brandon, Liz, Ryne, Kelsey, Aaron, and Andrea are competing at Regionals! The only times classes will be held and times the gym will be open this weekend are below.
Mid City 540 North Cortez:
Sat 8am: Group Class
Sat 8-9:30am: Open Gym (Competitors Athletes, please complete your Saturday WOD during this time at Mid City)
Sun 10a-1p: Open Gym
Monday 10am: Group Class
Tuesday: Normal!
Uptown 8422 Burthe:
Sat 9am: Free Intro Class
Sat 10am: Group Class
Monday 10am: Group Class
Tuesday: Normal!

Saturday 10am:

Leg swing cycle
2 rounds:
Run 400/Row 500
20 lunging pass thrus
:30 squatted prayer
:30 L-sit/tuck


WOD: In teams of 2-3, complete for time:
200m run
80 Goblet Squats 32/24
400m run
40 front rack walking lunges 45/33
800m run
20 burpees
400m run
40 front rack walking lunges 45/33
200m run
80 Goblet Squats 32/24

Sub 250/500/1000m row for run
All teammates complete the run, then split the reps
Int: 24/16
Beg: 20/12
30-min cutoff
CrossFit NOLA represented on Day 1!! Here's a quick summary:

Team: In the morning, Ryne and Andrea represented the team and finished Jackie in 14:01, tying for 8th (Ryne PR'd in the WOD)! In the afternoon, the whole team competed. All 6 found an overhead squat 3-rep combined max of 1,140 pounds, tying for 12th. Finally, the team had 7 minutes to complete as many burpee-muscle ups as possible, and completed a combined 68 for 15th place. Brandon, Liz, Ryne, Kelsey, Aaron, and Andrea go into day 2 in 12th place overall, starting in heat 2 at 9am.

Mollie: In the morning, Mollie finished Jackie in 8:04, tying for 28th. Then, Mollie completed an overhead squat 3-rep max of 130 pounds!! After a quick rest, she did the burpee-muscle up wod, finishing 5 in 7 minutes!! Mollie made a goal for herself, and she ended up beating it! WTG  Mollie! She finishes day 1 in 35th place and competes in her first WOD Saturday at 11am in heat 1.

Jeff: Jeff completed Jackie in 5:29, tied for 12th place. Jeff then went into the afternoon WOD, first finding an overhead squat 3-rep max of 275, but then completing 2-reps at 285 before time was called. That gave him a 4th place finish. Jeff then went into the burpee-muscle ups, finishing 23! Jeff heads into Saturday in 18th place overall, going at 1:45pm in heat 3.

Follow all the action by clicking here! (I'll try to post updates at the end of the day Saturday.)

SCHEDULE CHANGE REMINDER: All Mid City regular classes are normal. 5p Olympic lifting class is canceled. No afternoon uptown open gym.

Warm up:
2 Rounds
500m No-strap row
5-8 strict pull-ups/ring rows



20min AMRAP
Row 500m
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)
10 Wall Climbs
100m Farmers Walk

Adv - 32kg kettlebells or 70lb dumbbells for men, 20kg or 45lbs for women
Int - 24kg/50lb men, 16kg/35lb women
Beg - 20kg/45lb men, 12kg/25lb women