Warm up:
200m run
10 lunging pass-thrus
10 side lunges (5 each leg)


10 min EMOM
Squat Clean @ 70%
1st pull + 3 sec pause at knees + hang squat clean + jerk


OH squat (95/65lb) [scale goblet squats]
HSPU (scale push-ups)

We had 2 females get their first muscle ups on Sunday.  This is a big deal as they are probably only the 5th and 6th female members, in the history of CrossFit NOLA that can do this movement.  As they will tell you, it has taken months of practice and drilling to finally get on top of the rings.  Congratulations El and Alyse!  I should also mention Lexi, as she got one recently too, keep working hard girls!
Open gym uptown
10 am to noon
We will be canceling evening classes at Midcity to run 13.4 Open heats.  We will have the gym open by 4:15 or so to start getting warmed up.  Jeff will be on hand to help/coach anyone who is concerned about the 95/135 clean and jerk.  We will set some PRs today!

Brandon will be running classes uptown if you would like to get a workout in!


Warm up:
800m run or 1k row


10 min GOAT

20 min AMRAP
2 muscle-ups
8 KB swings (2/1.5)
[scale accordingly; C2B, strict push-ups, weight on KB]

Warm up:
2 rounds
60 sec jump rope singles
1 length sampson stretch
1 length duck walks w/ PVC OH


Front Squat
15 min to find new 1RM

10:00 min AMRAP (switching every minute)
P1 - 5 front squats then AMRAP split jerks while
P2 - AMRAP burpees (starting after P1 finishes front squats)
Don't forget, there will not be big groups going on Saturday for the Open.  We have the CrossFit Olympic Certification going on at Midcity on Saturday and Sunday.  We encourage you to come to Midcity on Friday night to do Open WOD 13.4. 


Warm up:
750m Row accelerating every 250m


Inversion work
Beg - 15-20 sec static hold or around the world
Int - 15-20 sec with negative HSPU
Adv - freestanding HS with spotter or toes/nose to wall

Row 2k for time

Tonight following the 13.4 announcement at 7:00 pm, Sam and Vil will be gearing up and going at it since they are going out of town. (Workout will probably start after 8 pm) We are going to go ahead and call it the Uptown Throwdown.  Come on by and cheer them on!  We might even try and visit Company Burger afterward!

There will be a 1pm open gym will be at midcity (540 N Cortez) today.  Open gym uptown will end at 2:30 pm sharp

Run Club: Meet Uptown 6:30PM and Bring a Watch!

Warm up:
2 rounds
60 sec jump rope singles
10 no push-up burpees


Beg - 4 x 5 partner assisted
Int - 4 x 5 strict
Adv - 4 x 8 strict

3 x 5 front squats (fast, from the ground) with 2 min rest between sets
Then immediately:
5 x 3 high box jumps with 1 min rest between sets


Warm up:400m run
10 goblet squats with light KB


EMOM for 10
1 Power clean + 4 push jerks

1 shuttle run
30 OH walking lunges (45/35lbs)
2 shuttle runs
20 OH walking lunges
3 shuttle runs
10 OH walking lunges

Sunday Schedule
Uptown - Open gym 10 am to noon

Midcity - 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Please note schedule changes for next week:  There will be no Saturday class or Saturday Open WOD heats at Midcity due to the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification.

Friday Evening Midcity from 5 til... we will be running heats of the open workout (this is your free option this week).  
Saturday Schedule:

9:00 am - Free Intro Midcity
10:00 am - group class at uptown and midcity
11:10 am - movement briefing for 13.3
11:25 am - heat 1
11:45 am - heat 2
12:05 am - heat 3
12:25 am - heat 4
12:45 am - heat 5 (if necessary)

We will run heats as large as possible with the amount of judges we have available

Warm Up

Run 400 or Row 500
3 rounds
10 jumping squats - bounce out of bottom
30 double unders
2 muscle ups (5 pull ups/5 dips)
20 second sampson stretch


Warm up:
800m run or 1000m row



15 clean & jerks (155/105lbs)
50 double unders
10 clean & jerks
50 double unders
5 clean & jerks