Wholelife challenge to start on September 15th


3 rounds
100m Row Sprints
1 length Samson Stretch w/pvc


Skill: Inversions, 10 mins
Continue progression from last week
BEG: Frog Stands, Tripod, shoulder touches, handstand holds
ADV: HSPU's with Rings, Parallettes, plates or Handstand walks

WOD: AMRAP 12 minutes
5 pullups
5 burpees
5 ring dips

Some are getting good at walking on their hands!
Carroll - who is moving away

Run Club 630PM: Meet at Jefferson Playground. Bring a watch.

Warm Up:
400m Run
15 wall squats


Strength: Back Squat
BEG: 3x5 with 5lbs more than last week. ADV: Using 90% + 10lb of 1rm, 65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5+ 

Row 500m
50 Box Jump 24/20"
50 Pushups
50 Sit ups
50 American kb swings 1.5/1 pood
50 supermans

Extra Credit Core Work:
Not for Time
20 Turkish Get ups 1.5/1 pood
Strong flat back
New Tab on Mindbody: Open Gym

As an experiment, we are going to post some open gym times on the open gym tab.  These will be times when a coach is at the gym, but there is no class currently going on. You may come in and make up a workout, get in a workout or do some auxiliary work.  You will not be required to sign in, but as a coach's schedule my suddenly change, we could cancel an open gym at anytime.   If you do sign in, it will not count as one of your classes (the benefit of signing in is, you will be likely notified if a open gym is cancelled).  Contact us at crossfitnola@gmail.com, or in the comments below, if you have any questions. 


Warm Up:
Run 100m
10 Turkish Get-ups


Strength: Power Snatch
Burgener w/bar
On the minute for 8 minutes:
2 High Hang PS @80% of 1 RM

WOD: 21-15-9
overhead squat 135/95lb
toes to bar
Burpee Love
Open Gym
Uptown 11 am to 1 pm
Midcity 11 a to 1:30 pm

Run 800m/Row 1,000m
1-length lunging pass-thrus
1-length duck walk
1-length samson stretch
1-length centipede
10 wall squats
10 wall angels

WOD: In teams of 2
5-minute stations for max reps, 90-seconds to rest/record score/switch stations
1: Wall Ball/Sit up (20/16)
2: Box Jump/Push up (24/20)
3: Dumbbell Jerk/K2E (35/25)
4: Thruster/Burpee (45/33)
5: Overhead Squat/Double Under (65/45)
6: KB SHDP/Pull Up (32/24)
** Rep scheme is increasing ladder
** Score per station is highest reps completed by BOTH partners
** Overall score will be determined by lowest placement across all stations 

Warm Up:

1200m run


Skill/Strength: GOAT
10-15 min

WOD: (approx 70-80% of 1 rm)
Every 30 secs for 10 min:
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Jerk
As heavy as possible

Your score is weight left on bar when you finish wod> You many not add weight during the wod.
It has been a tough week...

Warm Up:

6 minutes:
1 min on, 1 min off Russian KB swings 1.5/1 pood


Skill: Pistols 10 min
BEG: Work on Progressions
ADV: 2 to 4 reps on the minute, add weight if necessary

WOD: 3 rounds
100m Plate Carry 45/35lb
25 burpees


Warm Up
3 min double under flights
7 unbroken pullups
7 Thrusters w/bar
7 Overhead Squats w/bar


Skill: Inversions, 10 mins
Continue progression from last week, 3-5 reps or holds
Beg: Frog stand, tripods, shoulder touches, handstand holds
ADV: HSPU's from rings, parallettes, plates

WOD: 4 rounds: AFAP
50 double unders
10 Push Jerk 135/95lb
REST 30 sec
Then 1 Max set of unbroken Pullups
Rest exactly 1 minute

ADV: Chest to bar pullups

Run club 630PM: Meet at Jefferson Playground and Bring a watch.
Come learn proper run technique and improve WOD times!

Warm Up:
1000m row


Strength: Back Squat

BEG ADD 5-lbs from last week  and use same weight for working set
ADV: Deloading Week: 5x40%, 5x 50%, 5x60%

Run 2 miles for time


Warm Up:
6x50m Strides w/3 pushups


Strength: Power Snatch
Burgener w/bar
On the minute for 10 mins:
1 PS from floor
1 PS from mid thigh @75% of 1 RM

30 Squat Snatches for time 115/80lb
On the zero minute, begin with 5 burpees. On every minute until you finish the snatches do 5 burpees.

Int:  95/65lb, 3 burpees
Beg: 65/35lb 2 burpees
ADV: 135/95lb
Strong, flat back.