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Run Club, 630PM Jefferson Playground Track. Please bring a watch and sign up on Mind Body!
If it's raining, meet at Crossfit NOLA 504  
Address is 540 N. Cortez in Mid-City

Warm UP
400m Run
Then: 2 rounds
15 Box Jumps
10 KTE
Strength: Thruster
If you were able to complete your last 2 sets last week, go up 5 or 10lbs and complete all three sets at the same weight.If you were not successful, Stick with the same weight. If this is your first time, warm up  and only add weight until you are no longer able to move the weight quickly. Once you are unable to dynamically  move the weight, do two more sets with that weight.

WOD:"Dating Sage"
5 rounds
10 snatches (95/65)
15 pull-ups
10 thrusters (95/65)
12/12/2011 09:02:30 pm

oh no!! My alarm didn't go off this am. Damien, I'm so sorry! I owe you some burpees :)


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