Warm Up

3 minutes double under flights

5/10/15/20/ etc
1/2/3/4/5 etc
Sets must be unbroken and you may not move on to the next set until the previous is completed.

Then: 10 min
15 kettlebell swings
5 false grip ring pulls or pullups
5 ring dips
15 walking lunges

WOD: allow 40 minutes

5 rounds at max effort
Max reps HSPU (scale pushups)
Run 400
20 Anchored situps AFAP
rest 3  minutes

Post HSPU's and record round times.
For HSPU's, the reps end when you come off the wall. For pushups, reps end when you can no longer do chest to deck (full range of motion) Rest  must be at the top. If you rest at the bottom, the set is over.

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