Run Club 630 PM: Meet at Jefferson Playground Track on River Road about a mile or so from CrossFit NOLA. If it's raining we will meet at CrossFit NOLA 504 (540 N. Cortez) 
If you know your fastest recent mile time, bring it and a watch!

Warm Up

400m Run
5 Wall Climbs
200m Run
10 Good mornings w /bar
10 Backsquat and Press

Strength: Deadlift
Work up to WOD weight (75% of 1 rep max)

WOD: "Zimmerman"
AMRAP 25 minutes
11 CTB
2 Deadlift 315/205lb

15 minute AMRAP
6 CTB/pullups/Ring Pulls
2 Deadlifts
5 HSPU/Pushups

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