Warm Up (10 minutes)
Jog 200m
10  Lunging Pass Thurs
2 lengths Bear Crawl
25 KB Swings
10 KB Overhead Lunges, each arm
Run 200 (easy out/ sprint back)

Skill: Split Jerk
@ about 50-60 percent of your one rep max, Split jerk 2 on the minute for 10 Minutes.
This should be light. Focus on technique and very fast feet.

WOD: (25 minute cutoff)

For time: 
25 ADV/(15 INT) Handstand push-ups/ Scale with mats
50 ADV/(35 INT)  Toes-to-bar
Run 800 meters
75 ADV/(50 INT)  Push press, 75/55lb
150 ADV/(100 INT) Double-unders (scale 400 singles)

20 Push ups
25 Toes Towards Bar or Knee raises
Run 800m
30 Push Press, scale weight
200 Single jump rope

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