Warm Up
2 rounds
5 Wall Climbs
10 Wall Squats
5 Burpees

5 min MOB

Strength: Front Squat
2x5, 1x5 +
Based on last week, if you got more than 5 on last set, go up 5-10lbs.  All sets should be at same weight.

WOD: 3 rounds
20 KTE
10 Front Squat (you choose weight, but must be cleaned from ground)
6 Man Makers 35/25lb
(pushup, right row, pushup, left row, power clean to overhead= 1 rep)
PR Challenge Current Standings

Please keep in mind that this challenge is about improvement.  Although there will be a prize or two for overall performance, prizes will go for percent improvement!  Ways to improve: 1. become leaner 2. Deadlift more 3. Row faster...

 Josh Paulus  

Alden Settoon  

Aaron Hyatt  

Eric McDonald  

Stirling Barrett  

Brad Schneller  

Mitch Lartigue  

Mike Halperin  

Nick Lewing  

Husted DeRussy  

Kurt Young  

Peyton Bush  

Travis Llewellyn  

Bill Ramsey
Jose Bueiz  

Gavin Baker 


 Vil Vaitaitis  

Tess Bonacci  

Rachel Kohn  

Viki Chan  

Marcelle Robards  

Elana Klinger  

Brooke Grant  

Renee Massimini  

Elizabeth Fairbanks

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