Congrats to CrossFit NOLA on an awesome first day at Regionals! The Team finished 12th in WOD #2 to end day 2 in 15th place overall. Mollie had a 14th place finish in WOD #2 to end in 16th place overall. Jeff killed WOD #2, coming in 4th place to end the day in THIRD PLACE overall!

This weekend, Jeff,  Mollie and the Crossfit NOLA team (Brandon, Brad, Demian, Andrea, Rae and Kelsey) are competing at the South Central Regionals!! We will be posting updates on Facebook, or you can follow along here: . Good luck!!


Warm Up
400m run
10 kb swings
10 CTB pullups
10 jump squats

MOB 5 min

GOAT: 10-15 mins
choose hspu's, handstand walks, muscle ups, pullups, pushups, pistols, etc...

WOD: "Mini Angie"
50 pullups 
50 pushups
50 situps
50 air squats

Beginner: 30 reps

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