Run Club 630PM, Jefferson Playground. Bring a watch and sign up on mindbody.
Learn proper technique with running drills and interval training. Improve endurance and wod times.

Warm Up:
500m Row
5 wall climbs

Strength: Pullups/Dips
Test: Do one max set of Strict pullups 
rest 2 minutes
Test: Do one max set of Strict Dips or Pushups

Clean drills w/Bar
2x5 Back Squat and press
2x5 Front squats
1x3  shrug on toes w/drop
2x3 position clean/ add weight on second set

Row 500m TT
Rest 2 mins

Then 3 rounds
10 power cleans 135/85lb 
12 ring dips
Brandon and Gabe partner deadlift static hold
Rob Schafer
5/28/2012 01:03:29 pm

Caption: "Jeez is that dude EVER going to finish his reps?"


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