Kids class Friday at 4:15 pm at CrossFit NOLA 540 (midcity).  Come try for free!  Games will be played!


Warm Up:
400m Run
1 length lunging pass thrus
20 overhead kb lunges (light) (10R, 10L)

MOB: Banded OH

Strength: Jerk
15 minutes to generate a 1 rep max jerk


3 rounds
15 Hang Power Snatch 95/65lb
10 alternating overhead lunges 95/65 (these may be lunging in place)

level 2: 75lb/45lb
level 1: 45lb/25lb

Did you know one of our members has been a fundraising monster. Peyton B has raised over $1300 for CrossFit for Hope, which is amazing by itself. The kicker is, he has over $5800 in pledged money that is only performance based.  If he gets his estimated score of 100 reps, it will bring him to nearly $8000, which is more than all of CrossFit NOLA has raised. It looks like it is our duty to keep Peyton moving this weekend, each rep he does looks like it is worth about $52! Be sure to tell him Congrats!  How many burpees could you do if each one is worth $52? 

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