Don't forget to sign up for Rae's partner wod (going away party) that's happening tomorrow night, Friday,  at 6pm at our Mid City location, 540 N. Cortez.. It's a free class  so you can sign up under either nola or 504 tab (even coaches!)
This will be a super fun time. We will be heading to Company Burger Afterwards!

Warm Up:
Row 250
10 Turkish Get ups

5 min mobility

Strength: Jerk
Spend 10 minutes on Push/Split Jerk technique. Fast feet will be the focus.

5 rounds
3 hang power snatch @80% of 1 rep max
6 box jump 30/24"
Run 200m
Ben on the Snatch, Erica on the beer...
6/14/2012 07:54:46 am

That's what I'm talkin' bout.


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