New Powerlifting and Boxing schedule starting this week! Olympic lifting remains Mon 6pm Midcity and Wed 7:30pm Uptown. Run Club remains 6:30pm Tuesday.  

Active Recovery 7:30 pm Wednesday Uptown, Thursday 5:00 pm Midcity, and TBD time on Sunday at Midcity

Powerlifting (remember you need to take a Powerlifting Fundamentals course first before joining regular Powerlifting classes. Check back here for when the next one will be). 
MES/MEB choices:
1. Tues/Thurs Uptown 8:30am
2. Tues/Thurs Midcity 6pm
3. Mon 7:30pm/Wed 8:30pm Uptown
DES/DEB: Sunday time & location TBD

Boxing: T/Th 7pm 504

CrossFit Kids class is canceled until further notice, please see Jeff or Liz with questions 


6x 50m Strides w/2 pushups

5 min Mobility

Clean Drills

Strength:  1 Power Clean from ground, reset 
1 Power Clean from Mid Hang
On the minute for 10 min @75% of 1 rep max

3 rounds
90 seconds ME Power Clean 135/95lb
90 sec rest
90 seconds ME Burpees
90 sec rest
Record total cleans and burpees
Magaret and Stewart demonstrate flawless buddy carries.

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