Warm Up
3 rounds
15 American KB
10 situps


Skill Work: Inversions, 10 minutes
Work on the same skill for 4 weeks. 
Beginners: Frog stand, tripod, Handstand holds
ADV: 3-5 Handstand pushups: ring, parallets, or plates on the minute every minute for 10 minutes. Record reps

Handstand walks, Shoulder touches, and HSPU's w/mats are also allowed

5 muscle ups ( sub strict pullups/dips (10/10)
50 double unders 
4 muscle ups (sub strict pullups/dips 8/8)
40 double unders
3  muscle ups (sub strict pullups/dips 6/6)
30 double unders
2 muscle ups (sub strict pullups/dips 4/4)
20 double unders
1 muscle up (sub strict pullups dips 2/2/)
10 double unders
Rodolfo and Phil on toes 2 bar

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