Run 800m/Row 1,000m
1-length lunging pass-thrus
1-length duck walk
1-length samson stretch
1-length centipede
10 wall squats
10 wall angels

WOD: In teams of 2
5-minute stations for max reps, 90-seconds to rest/record score/switch stations
1: Wall Ball/Sit up (20/16)
2: Box Jump/Push up (24/20)
3: Dumbbell Jerk/K2E (35/25)
4: Thruster/Burpee (45/33)
5: Overhead Squat/Double Under (65/45)
6: KB SHDP/Pull Up (32/24)
** Rep scheme is increasing ladder
** Score per station is highest reps completed by BOTH partners
** Overall score will be determined by lowest placement across all stations 

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