Starting this Saturday, at 11 am, we will offer a competitor's class.  This class is designed to help our members who want to compete in CrossFit as a sport.  Attendees are athletes who want to compete in local competitions, the Open, Regionals, and potentially the Games. The class asks that you can train 4+ times a week.  Be prepared to give your diet, sleep habits, and mobilization some serious consideration.  Also, consider limiting extracurricular activities (less booze :-) ).  If you need clarification as "to how much is too much?" just ask one of the coaches.  Members should be able to perform most WODs Rx ed in terms of weight and scaling bodyweight movements.  Men should be able to do a muscle up, handstand pushup, rope climb, and pistol.  Women should be able to preform all of the above movements with the exception of muscle ups.  If you think this class is for you, see one of our coaches about signing up.  

The class will meet at Midcity at 11 am, show up early to get warmed up.  We will begin promptly at 11 am and expect you to be warm and ready to go! 


Warm up:
Row 750 ( last 250 fast!)


CHOICE 20 minute goat or Hero WOD:
choose 2 goats or do 1 goat every other minute...

HERO WOD:  "NUTTS" - 45 minute cap
Scaling options will be noted with a \ mark

Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, from the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (1 PPCLI), based in Edmonton, Alberta, serving as a member of the 1 PPCLI Battle Group was killed by an improvised explosive device that detonated during a joint foot patrol near the village of Nakhonay in Panjwaii District, about 25 km southwest of Kandahar City on December 23, 2009. He is survived by his parents, Richard and Ethel Jane Nuttall.

10 HSPU/Pushups
15 Deadlifts 250/185lb
25 Box Jump 30/24"
50/35/20 Pullups
100/75/50 Wall balls
200/100/75 Double unders
Run 400m w45lb/25lb

8/10/2012 07:29:56 am

I like the idea of doing a Hero WOD on Friday. I feel like I walked out of there this morning having earned my weekend and having paid respect to those who make the ultimate sacrifice. Hero WODs don't get enough exposure because of their difficulty and time requirement but all it takes is the proper scaling.Thanks again!

8/10/2012 11:43:16 pm

Thanks for the feedback!


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