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Have you signed up for the WWWLC yet?  You should, it might change your life!  Check out a testimonial

Colleen, Lynn, Heidi, Jose, Alex, Lori, Damon, Brian, Peter, Matt, Marcelle and Jeff are signed up!

Warm Up

Run 200m
1 rope climb
15 hollow rocks

10 HSPU or perfect pushups
15 KB swings
10 jump squats


Choice: Choose WOD 1 or WOD 2

WOD 1 : 20 minute Goat - Choose 2 skills to work on 1-3 reps on the minute every minute for 10 minutes, or 1 Goat Every other Minute


WOD 2: 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
115 pound Push press, 10 reps (85#-w)
10 KB Swings, 1.5 pood (1 pood-w)
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box (20 inch box – w)

Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III, 26, of Bethany, Oklahoma, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Wash., died September 29th, 2009, in Jolo Island, Philippines, from the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Martin in survived by his wife Ashley Martin, his parents Jack and Cheryl Martin, and siblings Abe, Mandi, Amber and Abi.

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