For those of you who haven't heard, we are currently planning on hosting an Outlaw Training Camp.  The New Orleans date, which is supposed to be posted tonight, will be on Feb 24th (Sunday night) through Feb 26th (Tuesday).  These camps have had the history of selling out very quickly, sometimes in less than 30 minutes.  If you are interested in getting a spot, please text (preferred, 734-645-8069) or email Jeff ( ASAP.  The links to obtain a spot in the camp will (should) be LIVE tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM EST.    You will need to pay with PayPal first (which will guarantee your spot), before registering for a spot.  The cost is $300.

Again if  you want a better chance to get a spot for tomorrow, please text Jeff tonight before 11 pm, or tomorrow morning after 6 am.  If the camp sells out, we will not have any power to get anyone in... 

Saturday Partner WOD

Warm Up:

Run 400 or Row 500
3 rounds of 
10 overhead squats
7 push ups
10 pull ups
30 second sampson stretch each side

Team WOD

in teams of 2 or 3

12 rounds of

100 m shuttle run
15 push ups
15 wall balls

alternate rounds

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