Only two classes Monday, 10 am and 11 am, both at 8422 Burthe St.  Open gym will follow until 2 pm. Midcity will reopen on Tuesday.  Thanks to El, Paul, Mike H.  Josh, Ryne and Andrea for coming out and helping the clean up effort!  The hole in the roof is tarped, hopefully it doesn't rain!


Warm Up:

2 rounds
 Row 250m
5 burpees
10 Wall Squats


Strength: Pullup Negatives
3x5, as slow as possible
BEG/INT (if you experienced extreme soreness last month) 3x3
or 3x5 Ring Rows, as parallel as possible

30 Thruster 95/65
200m run
20 Thruster 95/65
400m run
10 Thruster 95/65
800m Run
No Power... No Problem

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