Looking for Competitors HW

Sign up for the Whole Life Challenge!  It starts in 2 weeks! Participation is up to 30!


Run Club: 630pm Meet at Jefferson Playground and bring a watch! Come learn good run technique through interval and max effort training!

Warm Up:
3 min double under flights
2 lengths lunging pass thrus
2 lengths duck walk/10 sots press each length


Strength: Squat Snatch
15 min to work up to a 1 RM
3 (40%)-2(50%) 1-(60%) -1-1 etc...

WOD: AMRAP 15 min
10 kb 2/1 pood
10 box jump 24/20"
10 ring dips

Kettlebell swing is only as high as the lumbar curve is not over extended. If you can't do 10 strict rings dips with no band, you will modify with box or bar dips. Bands allowed.

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