FINAL day to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge is Friday!  Remember, if you can't make Saturday for the Whole Life Challenge WOD, be sure to sign up on Mind Body for the Thursday 530pm slot at Mid-City so we know how many people are coming!

Competitors course participants - would you prefer to have class Saturday at 8 am or Saturday at 12 pm?  (Before or after the whole life challenge prelims)

Wednesday- rope climb (wearlong  socks or pants)

Warm up:
2 rounds
200m Row Sprint
2 wall walks (sub wall ball walk outs)
5 V-ups or sit ups
1 rope climb


Strength: HSPU- 10 mins

ADV: EMOM 1-3 reps with 1 mat/plates or paralletts
INT: Every other minute, 1-5 reps w/bands
BEG: Strict Pushups, 1-3 EMOM (may use bands on hips)

5 rounds
100m Sprint
10 KTE
Rest 1 minute

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