January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

What are your GOALS this year? Did you meet your 2012 year goals? Please post in comments what you accomplished in 2012 and what new goals you would like to set for 2013!!!
Mark O
12/31/2012 10:51:31 pm

This year, like last year, I want to be more like Jeff.

1/1/2013 02:33:50 am

Muscley Jesus.

Rusty Barras Jr
1/1/2013 04:04:45 am

Start Crossfit... check!

I have a few... I'll report back in 12 months

1. 100 unbroken double unders
2. 30 unbroken kipping pullups
3. 5 unbroken ring muscle ups
4. Consistent good form oly lifts (lift classes)
5. Learn butterfly pullups

1/2/2013 09:00:27 am

Posted first on the Burthe St. page, but I am mostly at 504...

My goal is to be consistent and go to Crossfit at least 3X a week - every week. It'd also be stellar if I could get double unders and/or a pull-up one day.

1/2/2013 09:35:58 am

Do CrossFit at least 3 times a week, get consecutive double unders and lift over 100lbs on everything ... Better said just get over the fear of trying it

Other than working out , painting and drawing more.

Stephen C.
1/2/2013 10:15:13 am

1. Heal lower back and avoid chronic pain
2. At least 50 unbroken doubleunders.
3. Clean and jerk 250 lbs.
4. Beat my 2012 CrossFit Open standing.

Re-learn Mandarin (didn't get very far with that goal in 2012).

Jason R
1/2/2013 10:53:22 am

25 unbroken double unders

Melissa r
1/2/2013 11:05:07 am

30 unbroken doubleunders
Pull ups without a band

1/2/2013 11:12:52 am

My goal this year: Get back on track with power lifting while still being cautious of my busted knee.
Also: 1 unassisted pull up, just one. 135 bench, be fast and lean out a little more.

I also posted my goals to the CFNOLA home page.

1/2/2013 11:14:51 am

I have A WHOLE lot...but I'm going to spare yall ;)

2. to continue working on my OLY and Powerlifting techniques
3. to get stronger on my OLY and Powerlifts thanks to my improved techniques.
4. a single muscle up (even if it takes me until Dec 31st @ 11:59pm to hit)
5. to not get so frustrated with myself if I don't stick a lift or like my time ect..
6. To have fun and continue to love Crossfit as much as I do now

1/2/2013 01:05:42 pm

1. Unassisted pull ups (yes, I pluralized it!)
2. Rx on all WODs
3. Win WOD Wars II and bring that golden kettle bell home where it belongs!!

1/2/2013 08:05:19 pm

1. At least 1 Double Under;
2. If I accomplish #1, then be able to do 20 unbroken;
3. Better form for olympic lifts (get my elbows up quicker);
4. Be able to do more unassisted pull-ups.

1/3/2013 12:19:32 am

Muscle up

1/3/2013 01:07:05 am

2 major surgeries in 2012, both with long recovery times afterward, means that I didn't accomplish any of the goals I set. But I learned a lot about taking care of my body and training for the long haul, and I'm so grateful for my health and to be where I am today.

2013 goals:
1) mobility/yoga every day
2) maintain at least 85% paleo/whole life compliance
3) consistently come to the gym at least 4 x/week, staying late to work on strength or skills at least 3 times for at least 15 minutes
4) 30 unbroken kipping pullups
5) strict HSPU
6) beat my previous (pre-surgery) PR's in snatch and c/j by at least 20 percent

J.D. Bruce
1/3/2013 03:21:16 am

I did not accomplish my goal of 1 iron cross in 2012. For 2013 I am setting a goal to do 100 burpees in 7 min. and record every workout I do in my notebook.

1/3/2013 04:11:39 am

Complete a Whole30 and get a better handle on my eating habits.
Compete in the Open
Complete a 100 day Burpee challenge
Make it to WOD classes more often while still keeping up with Powerlifting.
Make it back to Run Club.

celeste m.
1/3/2013 05:16:48 am


1. Attend at least 3 times per week
2. Complete 5 strict pull ups
3. Dead lift 200lbs.

1/3/2013 06:08:49 am

Be better at box jumps.

Lindsey Puderer
1/3/2013 09:54:14 am

1. To keep the gym looking SO FRESH & SO CLEAN CLEAN!
2. Allow my right shoulder to get stronger - SLOWLY & PROPERLY.
3. Be an over achiever EVERYDAY! Do a little something extra after every class!
4. Embrace RUNNING!
5. 220 back squat - BAHAHAHAHAHA - I even have to laugh at myself for that one!
6. Continue to love Crossfit & continue to allow my Crossfit Nola family becom apart of my life. Surrounding yourself with good people, makes for good outcomes in life!

1/13/2013 07:36:47 am

Linds, I'll embrace that something extra AND the running with ya. :) Intervals this week?

Joe M.
1/4/2013 02:32:11 am

1. Slowly work in more Paleo
2. Do at least 3 handstand push ups
3. Break 100 on the 7 min burpees

It's going to take me another full year before I can do double unders, so I will save that goal for next year.

Erin O
1/5/2013 10:15:46 pm

1. Kipping pullups
2. At least 10 double unders in a row
3. Come to crossfit 4 times a week
4. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours
5. A minimum of ten minutes mobility and ten minutes exercise every day

1/12/2013 05:13:59 am

Unassisted pull up (s)

1/12/2013 05:15:40 am

Muscle ups

1/12/2013 07:56:45 am

Pull up. Just one with no bands which will probably require consistent no banded push-ups.

1/12/2013 09:38:29 am

1. Unassisted strict pull up
2. Rx on WODs
3. 20 double unders in a row

1/13/2013 01:53:47 am

Go out dancing more often, procrastinate less, no plastic bags for grocery shopping & drag myself to xfit 4 times a week!

Liz C
1/13/2013 07:14:05 am

1) 90%+ compliance with my programming
2) 3 more CF/related certs
3) Earn a spot on the CF NOLA team
4) Help the CF NOLA team qualify for Regionals
5) Finish Top 10 teams at Regionals
6) 90min+ mobility time per week
7) More shoulder veins

1/13/2013 12:56:09 pm

#7 is the most important. lets all help you focus on that goal.

1/14/2013 04:39:30 am

"Specific" and "Measurable." How MANY more shoulder veins, please, and to what specific degree of bulgitude?

And we all know that #7 should really be #1. You're not kidding anyone, here, Liz about "programming" priorities and mobility and team participation. It's always and ever about the shoulder veins.

1/13/2013 07:32:59 am

1. Have a POSITIVE body image!!! Probably THE single most important thing about 2013.

2. Get RX'd on snatch and deadlift weights. So, 95# snatch for reps and 195# DL for reps.

3. Go to 3 or more Crossfit competitions! (And I am only allowed to psych myself out at the first one.)

R Shack
1/13/2013 10:06:36 am

1. STRETCH/mobility work every day!
2. RX weight on all workouts (emphasis for me on my weakness- olympic lifting for shoulder/hip flexibility)
3. cook for myself 4+ nights per week/ eat clean/paleo 80%+ of the time
4. 15+ unbroken kipping pull-ups
5. compete!

Laura C
1/13/2013 10:15:29 am

1. Attend WOD classes at least 3x/week (not counting mardi gras week or spring break) through June
2. Run at least 3 miles 1x/week
3. Show double unders who's boss!

1/13/2013 10:29:12 am

In 2012

1. 50 unbroken kipping pull-ups
2. Finished an IM 70.3 without injury (x2)

For 2013:
1. Back Squat 225
2. Gain 10 lbs of rock solid muscle

1/13/2013 12:25:35 pm

Lose 15 lbs by aug.

Caitlin B
1/13/2013 12:59:09 pm

1) Attend 3 crossfit classes per week
2) Cook 2-3 paleo meals per week
3) Do more than 2 double unders in a row
4) Complete at least 1 unassisted pull-up

Christina G.
1/13/2013 02:28:19 pm

1. Attend CrossFit 3x per week
2. Run 2x per week
3. Complete 3 unassisted pull-ups by Dec 31
4. Lose 20 lbs by Dec 31

Jackson W
1/14/2013 12:20:20 am

2013 goals
- participate in open and 2 more events by end of year
- 190# snatch 11/15/13
- 400 # DL 11/15/13
- 100 unbroken DU's 11/15/12
- 5 sec Iron Cross 11/15/12

Brandon Linville
1/14/2013 12:21:53 am

Fix all lower body flexibility issues and start squatting heavier weight.

1/14/2013 04:20:41 am

Crossfit 3x's a week
Lift heavier weight
10 consecutive double unders

1/14/2013 06:32:31 am

Goals for 2013:

Crossfit 3 times or more a week by February
5 consecutive kipping pullups by end of year
20 unbroken double unders by end of year

Brian J
1/14/2013 09:12:27 am

1. Get used to 5am wakeups
2. Lost 30lbs in 2012. Lose 40 more in 2013.
3. 5 unbroken strict pullups
4. Body weight clean & jerk
5. 4x a week attendance

David Rubin
1/15/2013 08:14:04 pm

One Pull Up un assisted
One knee to elbow unassisted
Make two classes a week min
10 consecutive DU
Set a max for overhead squats.


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