Please scroll down to January 1st and post your 2013 goals!!!  
There will be a burpee penalty for each day they don't get posted!


Warm Up
2 rounds
12 Burpee bar touches
12 lunging pass thrus
6 roll ups

Mobility: Shoulders/hips

Skill: EMOM 10 min

EVEN: UNBROKEN kipping pullups 3-7 reps (ADV) unbroken CTB pullups
People using bands will work on 3-5 unbroken strict pullups. Try using a smaller band and do fewer reps.
ODD: UNBROKEN Wallballs 5-10 reps. Goal is hitting 10ft target each time.

WOD: (20 min cutoff)
4 x 400m  ME run
Rest 1:1 ratio

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