Saturday Team WOD

Warm Up
2 rounds
200m row
20 lunging pass thrus
10 scap pull ups
10 wall squats
10 roll ups

Mobility: hips & shoulders

WOD: "Caleb"
In teams of 2-3
AMRAP 26 min
800m buy-in
26 pull ups
13 DB (25/15) Squat Clean to Box (24/20)
2 rope climbs
As soon as 26 minutes is up, team goes for one final 800m water run
Water run means each teammate must have water in his/her mouth as they cross the finish line, otherwise face a 26 burpee per teammate penalty
Score will be final 800 time (or 800+burpees) minus 1 second for every rep completed in the amrap. Lowest score wins.

This WOD was made in honor of Marine Caleb Medley who recently passed during a training accident in California. Mollie knew Caleb. They picked the WOD's #'s because Caleb was 26 when he died. He died on the 26th day of the 2nd month of 13th year. The Water Run and the dumbbell hang squat clean box jumps are movements he made up back in 2008/2009 and forced us to do. The 800 Meter water run was ridiculous. We did it as a warm up run. It's hard because it's almost like running at a higher elevation because you're unable to breath in as much oxygen as you normally would. He just turned 26. He is such an amazing guy.

Click here for a story on this Marine.

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