Hey Everyone! So today is my (Mollie) birthday and I'd love to invite everyone to help me celebrate this evening around 9pm-ish at Barcadia, 601 Tchoupitoulas.  It was hard to figure out a good time with the OPEN going on, so I just decided to celebrate on my actual birthday! Come out if you can! I imagine we will be out til maybe midnight???

Also, I'm offering a Birthday Challenge. The OPEN 13.3 WOD this week is a 12 minute amrap of "Karen" (150 wallballs 20/14lb), 90 double unders and amrap muscle ups.
Anyone who can beat my "Karen" time (not a coach) with RX weight who is either doing the OPEN or the 10am Saturday wod, I will give a free Skill session to. Happy Wallball-ing!!!

13.3 heats tonight at midcity 5 pm - 7 pm, sign up on mindbody.  Main run through will be Saturday as usual, but if you cant come then, sign up can come tonight.

Warm up:
2 rounds
60 sec jump rope singles
1 length sampson stretch
1 length duck walk with PVC overhead


Front Squat
5 x 3 @87% of 1RM

12:oo min EMOM
3 power snatches
3 tall box jumps

3/21/2013 12:50:19 am

Happy Birthday!

3/21/2013 07:05:35 am

Who's dog is this? I've never seen this dog. I love the hoodie.

3/21/2013 05:18:32 pm

Jackson, It's Denise's dog..Scout!!
Thank you Lynn!!!


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