Don't forget, there will not be big groups going on Saturday for the Open.  We have the CrossFit Olympic Certification going on at Midcity on Saturday and Sunday.  We encourage you to come to Midcity on Friday night to do Open WOD 13.4. 


Warm up:
750m Row accelerating every 250m


Inversion work
Beg - 15-20 sec static hold or around the world
Int - 15-20 sec with negative HSPU
Adv - freestanding HS with spotter or toes/nose to wall

Row 2k for time

Tonight following the 13.4 announcement at 7:00 pm, Sam and Vil will be gearing up and going at it since they are going out of town. (Workout will probably start after 8 pm) We are going to go ahead and call it the Uptown Throwdown.  Come on by and cheer them on!  We might even try and visit Company Burger afterward!

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