Warm up:
1k Row


10 min GOAT

800m run
30 muscle-ups (int - 15; beg - 10)
800m run

(adv - scale 30 C2B/30 ring dips; int - 20 C2B/ 20, beg -  20 regular pull-ups/20 box or bar dips)

Dotsie C. volunteers for the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue who is hosting a crawfish boil fundraiser at Fetch in mid-city, right down the street from 504, from 6pm-9pm  on Friday, April 5th.  There will be music, raffle prizes, crawfish, and beer.   Dogs, people, and kids are welcome at this event.  And it's literally like a...200 m walk away!  Not a bad place to stop by after Friday class!

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