Warm up:
Jump rope
Adv - 1 min singles + 1 min DUs + 1 min TUs (triple)
Beg - 1 min singles + 1 min backwards + 1 min DUs
Arm circle cycle


1a) 3 x 10 strict T2B/knee raises/roll-ups
1b) 3 x ME nose/toes to wall/kick to wall/frog stand or tripod
Alternate between 1a and 1b with 60 sec rest between each set

Warm up to heavy single squat snatch, then
EMOM for 12:
1 snatch + 3 burpees
(stop when reps arent completed within the min)

Mark Carbon is just one of our awesome Master athletes who competed in the CrossFit Open this year. This is Mark showing off some skills in 13.4!

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