Saturday Schedule
9 am - free intro at Burthe, competitors class at Cortez

10 am - Group class at both Burthe and Cortez

11 am - Whole Life Challenge at Cortez - we will start measuring waist and hips at 11:00 am, we will then run 2 heats of the WLC workout.  Afterward we will be firing up the grill and Chef Brad will be throwing on some chicken!  Come hang out for a while and celebrate with all our challengers!

10 am group class

Warm Up:
Run 400 m or Row 500 m

3 rounds
10 pass throughs
10 overhead squats
10 banded good mornings
10 banded side steps

with a partner alternating rounds
8 rounds of
Run 200 m
25 wallball
10 deadlift

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