Make sure to check the lost and found as you come in this week, as we will be taking everything that remains at the end of the week to Goodwill!  

Also, I am missing my small grey crossfit nola hoodie with the gold/black writing. If you find it I would love to get it back! If you own one, could you make sure you don't have two in your closet? Thanks! Mollie

Warm up:
Jump rope
Adv - 1 min singles, 1 min DUs, 1 min TUs (triple)
Beg - 1 min singles, 1 min backwards, 1 min DUs
Arm circle cycle


10 min EMOM
Even - 1 max set T2B or L-hang
Odd - 30 sec DUs

Run 2 miles for time
(Scale 3k row)

                                                The front and backside of a "toes to bar": Tripp style!! :)

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