Josh Paulus is having his horn recital tonight at 730 pm at the First Presbyterian Church on St. Charles and State. He is preparing for his European Competition so come out and support him if you are available!

Warm up:
3 rounds
10 No push-up burpees
10 pass thrus
5 toes to bar/knees to air


Push-ups 5-5-5-5-5
Beg - band
Int - strict
Adv - weighted
(use same weight for all 5 sets 1:00-1:30 rest; pick a weight that you feel like you could get 10 reps in the first set)
 Need to complete all sets to add reps next week

12:00 AMRAP
10 OH walking lunges w/ plate (45/25lbs)
15 burpees onto plate

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