SCHEDULE CHANGE REMINDER: 4p regular class canceled, but all other regular classes as scheduled. Morning and evening powerlifting canceled. Active recovery canceled. Competitor's WOD posted but no class, please complete at mid city gym. No uptown afternoon open gym.

Warm up:
3 Rounds
10 jump squats
10 wall squats
5 dips (box/bar/ring)


Back Squat (deload focus on depth and speed)
 3 x 3 @ 40% of 1RM
3 x 3 @ 50%
[basically jumping out of the hole, but do not actually leave the ground]

12:00 EMOM
1 Power Snatch + 2 OH squats @ 70% of 1RM Power Snatch (unless OHS is the limiter)
(best depth with heels down and knees out and locked arms)

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