Saturday Schedule

Uptown 9 am - Free Intro
Midcity 9 am - Fundamentals Make-Up, Gymnastics Class, Competitors Class

Uptown and Midcity 10 am - Group Class (midcity workout is below)

Midcity 11am - 12:30 pm - open gym, some of the coaches have CPR cert, so we may not be able to stay past 12:30


Group Class

Warm Up:
Run 400 or Row 500m
10 pass through
15 second wall squat hold at the bottom
10 pull up
30 second sampson stretch per side

15 min AMRAP of:
with a partner, alternating rounds of

10 push ups
5 over box jumps
15 kettlebell swings
5 over box jumps
10 jumping lunges

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