Have you signed up for WOD Wars yet?  If not, do it now!  We need to see how many teams we have and who is missing a partner. If you do not have a partner, include this information in the details area when you register under the events tab on Mindbody.  

This is something you should do!  It will be fun, we will have a rep from Stronger Faster Healthier there sampling and asking questions about the protein and fish oil we sell.  We might also have it professionally scored, by Breeze Scoring, we are still working on the details of this one... 

But seriously sign up now, don't wait any longer, we will close registration on Wednesday!


Warm up:
2 rounds
200m run
7 thruster w bar/pvc
7 muscle snatch

Mobility: Lax ball to Lats/OH stretch

Skill: Power Snatch
EMOM 7 min
1 power snatch from hip + 1 from ground @ 70 percent

12 min amrap
7 power clean and jerk 155/105lb
14 front squat 155/105lb
200m run

INT: 125/85lb
BEG: 95/55lb or less

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