Remember that this Friday we will be participating in CrossFit For Hope, aiding in cancer reaserch for St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Click on link to create your own donation page, or come on Friday to be a part of the nationwide cause.

Warm up
2 rounds
200m run
7 Thrusters, bar/pvc
7 muscle snatch


SKILL: Power Snatch
5 min EMOM
2 Snatch from the ground at 80 percent
Then immediately on minute 5
2 min amrap power snatch

Score is total snatch in all 7 minutes. Only 2 attemps during the EMOM portion.

3 rounds
10 DB or KB Thrusters 50lb/30lb, 
200m run 

THEN: REST 3 mins

 3 min AMRAP
Max Effort Toes to Bar

                               Tripp and Jeff take on the Prowler at the 2013 CrossFit Games in Carson, CA

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