Two announcements:

1. We will be merging the websites into one, will be our main website.  This may get moved around a bit and it might look a little different, but hopefully will be more intuitive.  These changes will happen over the next week or so.

2. We recently started carrying Progenex at both CrossFit NOLA and CrossFit NOLA 504.  We will be carrying RecoveryMore MuscleCocoon, and Force for sale at both locations.  If you are interested, please take a look at Progenex's website for product details or talk with the coaches about the supplements.   We maintain our usual stance, that if your nutrition, rest and recovery are not dialed in, supplementation is not as useful.  For those of you who are dialed in, Progenex is probably one of the best tasting options out there!  Recovery, More Muscle, and Cocoon will be sold in 30 serving bags, but Force will be sold in single serving packets at $2 each (or you can buy a box of 30 packets).  As usual, Rx and Rx+ membership will receive a discount on these products!


Warm up:
Row 500m
10 banded GMs
10 ring rows


10min EMOM
5 reps Touch-n-Go @ 50% of 1RM

16:00 w/ partner alternating each min 
P1: 7 goblet squats (32/24) one minute, while
P2: 150m row

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